Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Success Starts from Your (Home) Office

THIS writing is taken from one of my old blogs that was written around three years ago. I re-post it to lift my spirit in being a newbie entrepreneur. Hopefully it can lift your spirit as well in working, whatever profession you choose :)

Whether you work in a cubicle at a skyscraper building or at a home office, what philosophy do the clock, calendar and window at your office have?

Dr. Prithika Chary, the first Indian woman neurologist, believes that women can start their success by first paying attention to eight things at their working area (men can apply the same thing, as well):
1. The roof says, "I am high."

2. The fan says, "I am cool."

3. The clock says, "Every minute is precious."

4. The mirror says, "Reflect before you act."

5. The window says, "See the world."

6. The calendar says, "Be up to date."

7. The door says, "Push hard to achieve."

8. The floor says, "Be grounded as you do all this."
I love revealing the philosophy of dead stuff around me. It gives me another reason to stop taking everything for granted. What about you, dear readers? Have you paid enough attention to things around you (around your working area, in particular)?


  1. duhhh manager rumah tangga begini susah punya "kantor" sendiri. Jadi saat kerja, ya di situ ruang kerja amel. Kerjaan ngk di bawa pulang. Saat jadi manager rumah tangga, rumah adalah ruang kerja amel.

    1. Betul banget, Kak *balada ibu rumah tangga* *tapi tetap masih berharap bisa punya ruangan atau pojokan buat diri sendiri sebagai ruang kerja pribadi* :))